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Video inspection

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Video inspection is necessary for determining the causes of problems in utility systems.

We offer video inspection works (from 50 mm diameter– viewing angle 360°, 30 mm – straight view):

ventilation systems;
rain water systems;
drainage systems;
smoke flues.

In case of problems in utility systems, video survey helps detect breakage sites in pipes and find any cracks, in order to localise leaks. In new utility systems, the video survey makes it possible to detect bad workmanship, bad connections, reverse inclines, cracks, etc.

Using video survey to determine the causes of a ventilation system’s failure:

the neighbour above renovated and decided to extend their apartment by dismantling the ventilation shaft;
a brick flue has collapsed due to age and a blockage has formed;
when constructing the building’s ventilation system, the components shifted or the installation armature became bent;
unauthorised connections to the ventilation system and partial or full occlusion of the main flue, damaging the entire build’s ventilation function;
construction waste after renovating the building; and many other problems.

These causes can be determined only by a full video survey of the utility system.

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