do you need your kitchen ventilation systems cleaned?

cleaning kitchen ventilation systems of grease

Your safety is our responsibility!

The most grease is accumulated by kitchen ventilation systems where it can even lead to fires. Statistics shows that fires are mainly caused by deteriorated electrical cables or by failing to clean the kitchen’s ventilation system. Unfortunately, many restaurants and other catering venues ignore the need for periodic cleaning of their systems and this is often related to attempted savings in money.

This results in deterioration of:

extraction motors’ work load;
oil smell in rooms;
unhygienic conditions (grease dripping onto cookers, into food preparation areas, grease leaking from the system);
fires starting.

Modern maintenance provides you with:

increased fire safety of not only the kitchen but the entire building;
reduced grease leaks from the system;
the ventilation system’s best performance upon eliminating burnt smells and other smells;
a healthy kitchen environment;
some insurance providers lower insurance premiums in their contracts.

Standards and requirements in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia

Pursuant to the standard in force in Estonia, kitchen ventilation ducts are obligatory to clean from grease deposits. Nowadays, the cleaning of all kitchen ventilation system ducts takes place under the strict supervision of the Rescue Board. Estonian standard EVS 812-2:2014> “Fire safety of constructions”

8.1.3 Kitchen ventilation system ducts in professional use must be cleaned according to their usage intensity:

at least once a quarter if the equipment are used for 12–16 hours/day,

at least twice a year if the equipment are used for 6–12 hours/day,

at least once a year if the equipment are used for 2–6 hours/day.

What we offer our customers:

the signing of a contract for the maintenance of kitchen ventilation systems;
you can focus on your primary business and we will remind you about the next inspection time;
we will co-ordinate our works so that the kitchen will work without interruption;
after the completion of the works, the kitchen will be ready for use without the need for any additional cleaning;
we also issue Rescue Board’s certificates of work performance.
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