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Cleaning the ventilation systems of apartment buildings

Your safety is our responsibility!

Our apartment is our cosy corner to hide from the city’s ruckus and to have a good rest. But is our dwelling safe? Unfortunately, not always!

One issue is bacteria, fungi and microbes.

Another is the lack of normal air exchange in the rooms. Dirty ventilation ducts are also a fire safety concern.

The dust and construction debris accumulating in a ventilation duct over the course of several years will aid the spreading of any fire. The circulating air will carry this flammable debris, spreading it throughout the venti-lation system and spewing it out into apartments, offices, etc.

We use special means and qualified specialists for cleaning ventilation systems.

Different apartment buildings have different ventilation systems, some with a separate duct for each apartment and some with central risers. Depending on the type of the natural venti-lation system in your building, the approach to the cleaning works also differs, as does their cost.

In addition to the cleaning works of ventilation systems, our company also offers the services of installing a special mesh into ventilation ducts to keep birds and debris from entering the ventilation system.

Services for the cleaning of natural ventilation systems’ ducts:

cleaning a natural ventilation systems’ ducts from the roof, from the awning, from the basement and from inside apartments;
video inspection of ventilation ducts;
elimination of blockages in ventilation ducts;
verification of draft in ventilation ducts;
mapping of ventilation systems.

Our goals:

to reduce fire risk;
to ensure good air quality;
to reduce the risk of illnesses;
to ensure compliance with sanitary and hygiene standards.

Our price offers are based on an individual approach to our customers!

how it’s done

amount of rubbish collected
weak traction appears when the procedures and standards are not followed appropriately
wiring out of the flats
ventilation is not working as it should because makrofleks is blocking the way
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